How to Plan your Next Vacation Stress Free

Planning a vacation can be full of stress for the average bear. There are so many variables to consider while planning a trip from the places you will go to the clothes you will wear, to the food you will eat and all of the money you will be spending. Here are a few sure ways to keep your mind at ease while planning out your next vacation to be a perfect one.

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Make Your Next Vacation Your Best Vacation

Plan Ahead

I know how fun it is to rise out of bed on Friday morning and book a plane ticket, but sometimes, that isn’t our best option for our bank account. Planning ahead will make you focus on not going over your budget and getting the most bang for your buck.

Holidays generally always have a high booking price for hotels, but if you book far enough in advance or shop for a sale, you can find great deals. Taking the time to save money for a trip will help you reduce your stress before, during and after your trip.

Don’t Start Packing the Night Before

I know you have a million things to do before your trip, but this cannot be the last one! Packing your bags is probably one of the most overwhelming things to do. Knowing this, you should take time a few days before your trip to get organized. Making a list helps in almost every situation. I’ve made a simple, free Carry-On Packing List to help get your next trip started!

Use Travel Apps

There are so many great apps out there to help you plan an amazing vacation. “We get by with a little help from our friends.” Referral codes, coupons, and reward programs add up quickly when it comes to vacation.  Here are my favorite apps.

If you’re looking for somewhere to stay, check out Airbnb for amazing rooms or full-size house rentals. Price & availability options are endless as the Airbnb community is full of diverse real estate and rental options. I’m dying to go to this Airbnb in Malibu - I’ve just added it to my list of goals for the next year!

Are you ready to hit the road? There are so many amazing places to see. I map out the easier route with this badass app, Roadtrippers. You enter your starting and end point and it will map out places along the way. From there you can add them to your trip and take a detour. You can add multiple locations, see reviews and photos of attractions, and invite your friends to view your trip!

Wherever 60-ounce margaritas are a thing, there MUST public transportation. That is why (okay, maybe there are some other reasons) some beautiful people created one of the dopest travel apps around: Uber. I spent a few car rides in Miami last month heading down South Beach. If you play your cards right, you can get from point a to point b without breaking the bank. Make sure to share your referral code (find it in the app) with your friends!

Do Your Research

I don’t know what type of adventure you are planning, but I can tell you that doing your research will pay off. Many times, the best places aren’t found on a map, but you can cruise through Instagram to find hidden spots that locals love. Head over to the Explore page on Instagram and search for hashtags relevant to your trip. There have been so many times I’ve found a place that I’ve ended up falling in love with and I got there by the help from a friend on Instagram!

Word of mouth has always been my selling point. Reading reviews on sites like Tripadvisor and various blogs will make or break my decision to visit a restaurant, bar or attraction. This will keep you from spending your money at a touristy spot that costs an arm and a leg.

Make It Enjoyable

The whole point of going on vacation is so that you may relax and enjoy yourself. Don’t take the fun out of your trip by stressing yourself out before you even hit the road! When planning your trip, turn on some music that makes your heart want to wander or switch on a road trip themed movie to get yourself in the right mindset. Make a date night or family night out of the planning. Order pizza, sit around the table and brainstorm what everyone wants to do or see on this next trip. The fun doesn’t have to start on the first vacation day, and the stress doesn’t have to drag on until you leave.

Next time you start freaking out because you have so much to do for a trip - don't. Instead, remember these tips and get to planning! What are your favorite travel tips? What have you learned along your journeys that make for stress free vacation planning?

Planning a vacation isn't easy. Follow these tips to plan your next vacation stress free!

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