The Best Roadtrip Playlist for Your Mountain Drive

Are you getting ready to hit the road for a mountain drive? Check out the Best Roadtrip Playlist around at

Drop the Top and Press Play on the Best Roadtrip Playlist Around

You know that feeling in your heart when the windows are down, your hair is blowing in the wind and your hand playing with the air outside your window while you drive down a winding road? We don’t want that feeling to ever end.

Sometimes it’s not about the destination,
it’s about the ride.

Take your shoes off, hop in your adventure mobile, and press play. This is the first playlist at More Detours curated just for you so you may feel all the good vibes on route to your destination. But remember - sometimes it’s not about the destination, it’s about the ride.

Listen below or follow my Spotify account here. Be sure to tag #livethedetour on Instagram so we can follow along on your journey. Happy travels, friends. Enjoy the ride.

Listen to the best playlist for your mountain drive on Curated for those with a lust for life!