Wynwood Kitchen & Bar: The Best of Miami All in One Unique Place

Miami is debatably the hottest spot in Florida. There are beautiful people from every place on Earth, an immense variety of food & flavorful cocktails, music playing no matter where you are walking and art on every corner - what is not to love about this city? Back in May I visited for the second time this year and found an amazing restaurant called Wynwood Kitchen & Bar. Look no further for a place with everything you love about Miami all in one spot!

Wynwood Kitchen & Bar provides the best of Miami all in one place.

Wynwood Kitchen & Bar has amazing food, colorful cocktails,
live music, and art everywhere you look - what else could you ask for? 

Wynwood Kitchen & Bar features indoor and outdoor dining, famous artworks and live music. They have an impressive menu and rotating specials. Happy hour is every Friday from 6pm to 10pm. With walls decorated with graffiti on the inside and out, mouth-watering food, and awesome service… What more could you want? Wynwood Kitchen & Bar is pretty much a no-brainer.

Tapas for your Taste Buds

I am the definition of a foodie. I probably spend more money on food than anything else to be quite honest. I am a sucker for a specialty item and ALWAYS ask my server for recommendations. My boyfriend, Jamel, loves food just as much as I do and when we saw the menu, we knew we were about to have full, happy stomachs. Here’s a rundown on Wynwood Kitchen & Bar.

Wynwood's Kitchen & Bar has great taste from the unique entrees to great choice of craft beer and wine.

Wynwood’s menu is set up as a small plate, or tapas, menu. So naturally, we got 4 small plates. I wasn’t extremely thirsty since I went out on South Beach the night before, so I just ordered a Mckenzie’s Apple Cider to start my meal off right. It was sweet and savory and paired well with the meal. We bought the Lemon-Pepper Calamari, topped with pepperoncini slices and paired with a marinara sauce,  and the Artichoke Feta Dip for appetizers. The calamari was cooked just right the Artichoke Feta dip was much different than the usual “spinach” dip usually served. The feta and artichoke were portioned just right.

Wynwood's Kitchen & Bar offers a vast arrangement of food choices. The Lemon-Pepper Calamari was cooked to perfection.
The Artichoke Feta Dip was a favorite of mine at Wynwood Kitchen & Bar. Baked to perfection, the taste wasn't like the regular spinach dip you'll receive elsewhere. 

They bring the food out as it is ready in the kitchen. Next, we got the Empanadas and Flautas. Both authentic and with amazing taste. The flautas had tender short rib and cool guacamole. The mix was perfect for the hot day in Miami.

The Flautas at Wynwood Kitchen & Bar have a sweet, tender cooked short rib and delightfully made guacamole.

Overall food rating: 10/10. I’d go back for the Flautas alone time and time again. I wish the portion sizes were a little bit bigger (because that’s just who I am as a person). It was one of my favorite eateries during my whole trip. My friends loved their meals as well. It was truly a treat!

Immerse yourself inside the Art of Wynwood Walls

Wynwood Kitchen & Bar features wall to wall artwork from famous artists. You can't beat the view.

Quite possibly the best part about the restaurant is the outdoor seating that allows you to be a part of the attraction that is Wynwood Walls. My favorite part of Miami is the Art District. You are surrounded by some of the dopest art you’ll ever see no matter which corner you turn. Wynwood Kitchen & Bar is placed at the start of the art walk. You’ll see the Instagram famous walls right from your seat. You can see spectators walking by, shooting photos and enjoying laughs with their friends. When you think of it, you’re a part of the show.

The walls of the restaurant are painted with gorgeous murals as well. The decor is modern and simple yet totally memorable. The colors don’t disappoint and make you feel right at home in one of the coolest cities in the world.

Let’s take a Look at the Big Picture

Would I go again? Absolutely. In fact, I’ll be back on my next trip. The innovative cuisine the restaurant offers is just what I want while visiting Miami. Next time I’ll be giving a review on some of the cocktails I now wish I tried. The scene sells itself - Wynwood Walls is a must see every time I hit Miami, so this spot can start or finish my day in the Art District perfectly.

What to order: The Flautas and Artichoke Feta Dip

When to go: Midday after a stroll around Wynwood Walls or during Happy Hour from 6-10pm on Fridays (but there is no bad time)

Miami is full of amazing places to eat and drink, but Wynwood Kitchen & Bar is one that 100% will not disappoint. In the heart of the Art District, you are sure
to be surrounded by amazing artwork and people. And let's not forget the flautas. What is your go-to restaurant in Miami?

Wynwood Kitchen & Bar is an amazing spot for everything you love about Miami.