Two Months In: Reflections and Photos, Winter 2019

I often think about how fast life happens and I remember being younger and all of the adults would say, “just wait, it keeps going by faster each year.” I know what they were talking about now. Because of this, in 2019 I have promised myself to fill my days with things I love, people I love, and art I love.

Last year, I struggled with self expression. I was left feeling unfulfilled with myself and my work as an artist. What has been most satisfying to me this year so far is fulfilling my promise to get outside and photograph at least one personal project a week.

Back in January, I started writing out shot lists and jotting down concepts I wanted to capture with my projects. I’ve been shooting from awkward angles and breaking the rules whenever it feels right. One evening, the sun went down and golden hour was over, and I felt that I wanted to keep shooting. So I did. I was (quite literally) taking a shot in the dark without fearing the outcome. And I think that’s what life is about.

Sometimes we just have to be brave enough and take a real hard look inside of ourselves to find what we’ve been searching for all along. Trust yourself. Go get lost. Break the rules. Don’t be afraid to screw up. Just do what feels right and you’ll find your way home.

Here are my favorite photographs from the past two months of 2019.

“Going in Circles”

January 2019 – Christyne Babor


“Alone in the Gulf”

January 2019 – Samantha Garetano

Lost in the Gulf Allisa Babor Photography

“I’ll Meet You at Home”

Ellynne Babor, Christian Johnson, Jamel Mathlouthi

January 2019


“Seeing Yellow”

February 2019 – Christyne Babor

Seeing Yellow Allisa Babor Photography
Allisa Babor Photography