Living Time

The last year of my life has been one I will never forget. I witnessed and documented life coming into the world. I discovered my true passion for documenting and inspiring honest, raw experiences. I made some of the most wonderful relationships with people who bring light into the world every day. I grew a newfound love for living time.

365 days. 8,760 hours. Over 5 million minutes. There is endless possibility in a year. Every day is a new opportunity… for love, for life, for freedom. Some moments are beautiful and some are heart wrenching. It all happens rather quickly. Due to this, I believe there is great importance in living with honesty and heart. We owe it to ourselves to truly live and feel and be as raw and vulnerable as we wish.

Life is sacred. There is nothing easy or simple about it. The little moments that make up our lives between life and death are complicated. Love isn’t always easy. The connections we make along the way make it all worthwhile. The unspoken energy between two people is not anything that can be forged. A silent tear. A gentle touch. A loving glance. It is all a part of something greater.

There is a process for me behind the lens that has become second nature when I am called to document the important times in someone’s life. The moment a child enters the world impacting the lives of many. The vows between two souls becoming one. The celebration of success and life. All the moments in between the beginning and the end... Although they are all different, the common variable is that when those involved look back at their images, I intend to bring them back to a feeling. It is all about the moment. Some things cannot be put into words, but I am lucky enough to convey raw emotion and truth through my work.

Each moment I have documented this year has allowed me to truly understand the importance of living time. Moments that seem like mere fractions of time sometimes mean the entire world to a person. It is not the wedding bands that matter, but the tears of joy in your loved one’s eyes when you read your vows with a shaky voice. It is not a posed photo, but instead the candid smile caught in between. It is not about a photogenic cloud of pink or blue smoke, but instead the moment filled of pure joy when you realize you are bringing human life into this world. It’s not about what we look like, what we own, or what we want people to see when they look into our lives. But instead, it is about what and how we loved. It is always about love.

To my dearest clients who have become friends, thank you for allowing me to be a part of some of the most important times in your life. Thank you for allowing me to feel with you. I am forever changed. 

Enjoy some of my favorite moments from 2017.

The bond between a mother and her son | Dick's Creek Falls, North Georgia
A gentle touch | Brooksville, Florida
An inside joke between two lovers | Brooksville, Florida
A father's joy for his son | Brooksville, Florida
The unbreakable bond between parents and their child | Brooksville, Florida
The love between parents and their child | Brooksville, Florida