A Note on Finding Happiness

I believe it is true that some of the most beautiful moments in life take place on the most mundane of days. I have had epiphanies on a Monday morning while I was drinking a cup of coffee. I have fallen in love with the way the wind picks up the leaves in the street my way into a meeting. I have cried tears of joy while telling a story to a stranger. This past year, I have realized that happiness happens when you open your mind and soul to the world around you.

I pulled together a few clips from different moments I don't want to forget. I encourage you to do the same. Print your photos that are on your camera roll. Hang them on your wall. Give copies to your friends and your family and remember to keep in touch with those you love as often as you can. Life happens so fast and so beautifully. Document what you can, but remember to put the camera down and live in the moment.

Love and light, A

Just a string of clips from 2017 - another year of adventure.