About - Allisa Babor

Before I am an artist, I am a friend. I have found peace in my artwork for many reasons, but the most important one being the relationships I create with my clients that I call my friends. My natural approach to photography allows me to capture real, amazing moments between real, amazing people.

I take photographs for many reasons. For the moment inspired people. For the people in love. For the people figuring out what makes them feel alive. For those who consciously experience the present moment. For those who choose to fully live. And for those who have not yet learned how.

I am a creative with a lust for life and I like to think that shines through my work. Outside of photography, I've got a passion for design, nature, travel, and people. I am a nomadic, old soul, cruising around Florida in a Jeep. I firmly believe that the journey is the reward. Thanks for being here and for being a part of my journey. Wishing you love and light.



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Instagram: @acbabor

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